Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Blog Yay!

Hello gang. My name is Kumail Ali and I am a New York based comedian. And this is my blog about movies. Yup. Just movies. What if I wanna talk about a really cool song I heard? Well, I can't do it here. What if something really major happened in my personal life and all I wanted was to share it with the rest of the internetted world? Not in this blogspace, buster. Yes, I just called myself buster.

Oh, I named the blog after this awesome stock sound effect scream thing called The Wilhelm Scream. Read about it here.

Fascinating isn't it? Look at all the movies that use it!

Watch this compilation of movies using the scream.

I love that the giant ant attack movie, Them, uses it like a hundred times. Yup, giant ants. And I know an ant as big as a dog would be considered a giant ant. But these ants are as big as trucks. So, pretty fuckin giant. Chances of humanity's survival = zero. Ants can lift 80 times their own body weight. So an ant the size of a truck can life 80 trucks. Given, of course, that an ant the size of a truck would weigh as much as a truck. Or that a truck the size of an ant would weight as much as an ant.

See, these are the kinds of vaguely comprehensible insights you can expect from this blog. Oh, and my Indiana Jones review. That's next.

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