Thursday, June 19, 2008

Best Movie Coming Out in the Next Few Months

Oscar Buzz!

Does he only do movies now that let him have that balding Shakespeare hair?

I am pretty sure Nicholas Cage came up with this movie idea/title himself.

Nicholas Cage lands in Bangkok and sees the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.
"Bangkok Pretty."

Nicholas Cage goes to famous food bazar and samples the local delicacies.
"Bangkok Tasty."

Nicholas Cage finds himself in a bar later partying it up with the locals.
"Bangkok Fun."

Nicholas Cage finds you can get two prostitutes for the equivalent of 10 US dollars.
"Bangkok Cheap."

Two months later, Nicholas Cage finds himself staring at an H.I.V. positive test at his estate in L.A.
"Bangkok... Dangerous!"

Grrrreen Light!

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Nora Rocket said...

Kumail - I have added you to my blogroll. Thanks for making a positive addition to the world of blogs, man.