Monday, June 2, 2008

One more random thought on Lucas

Oh, random thought on lucas. I was watching the docs on the LOTR dvd’s (yeah I watched every single special feature on the dvd’s. They are awesome) and there is one part where Peter Jackson talks about how he directed the fight scenes in such a way that he pulled back to show the massive scale of the battle, but kept cutting back to the principal characters in each fight, so that we had a human connection to the fight, and never lost track of the emotional aspects of the whole thing. So, even though it’s a huge epic cg battle, we still are emotionally connected to the battle through the people we know and care about. Then, I realized that the final Star Wars prequel battle, is literally Clones fighting Droids.

Clones vs. droids.

Could not give less of a shit.


Mike Drucker said...

He complains that the extended universe of Star Wars went in directions he never wanted.

But tell me that Knights of the Old Republic isn't leagues better than the prequels.

Adam said...

Lucas's I.Q. must be approximate to that of a bag of screwdrivers. It's not fair... I'm poor and unknown, yet like Lucas, I also can't write for shit.